Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last week's work...

I found a blog where they showed a picture of the work that they made each week. Thought it would be a good way to keep me working. Sometimes life becomes a huge distraction and my goals are not met. So week one. It almost reminds me of a food journal and ps. I fail with the food journal so wish me luck. I finished 6 bust dolls, a full doll with vintage jacket and straw hat, a tote with a collage image sewn to it, a mermaid (you can see her blue hair) and the following work that will be a part of the Craft Mafia Show at the Harrison Center. The originals will be for sale in the gallery under glass framed with vintage wood frames. Prints will be available in my booth at the Indieana Handicraft Show at the same time. Saturday June 13th 11 am until 10 pm.
The Craft Mafia group shows theme is Mafia inspired so along with Ed's humor and seeing an alphabet poster by Edward Lear at Suzanne and Paul's I finally came up with these pieces. Thought it was kind of gruesome but in the end I loved it. There is one more in this series but I just deleted it from this post on accident. Oh, well I need to make some stuff. I have another picture to post next week!

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Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

that's an impressive amount of work! great job!