Friday, May 29, 2009


I have to share this with my blogging peeps. My friend Candice is so very talented and she never "toots" her own horn. So I am "tooting for her". Even when she posted this link on her blog she writes I was interviewed and says nothing more. At first I thought she meant Brandon (her husband) interviewed her....hahahaha....She has a book coming out and a great blog and etsy store as well you will want to check out. Read on.

Cincinnati Creative Arts Examiner: Cordial Kitten- spotlight on children's art illustration

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Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Hehe, thanks for the toot!

Yes, I have been missing you! Are you coming to install the knitty-thing next week? I will be there, don't know if I'll actually have anything to install, I'm too impatient for knitting these days! When July hits I'll have lots more free time, and I imagine meeting friends, leisurely late breakfasts in town, walking for coffee, you know fun stuff! We should have some of this fun.