Friday, January 9, 2015

Pet Portrait Pricing

  Ready or not here I come!!!!
The following pricing is for one DOG head and shoulders only.
Acrylic paint on 100% natural cotton duck canvas.
(contact me for sizes and prices larger than 12" x 16" more than one dog? I can give you a quote for that too.)
see etsy link to order please order through etsy or
send me your paypal address and I can bill you.
PHOTOS- You will need to email me your jpeg photos to
Let me know if you have a background color preference.
If you want you dogs name written on your piece please let me know that too.
size                              7/8" profile (needs a frame)            1 1/2" (profile ready to hang)
8 x 8                                        $75-                                                    $86-
8 x 10                                        86-                                                      99-
10 x 10                                      96-                                                    112-
9 x 12                                      107-                                                    122-
12 x 12                                    118-                                                    136-
11 x 14                                    139-                                                    156-
12 x 16                                    160-                                                    180-
*****artist retains rights to any art she makes.  In other words I have the rights to make and sell a print, button, pillow, coaster etc. of the painting that I made of your pet.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Thank you!

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