Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

What a year 2011 was. One I would like to not do over. The New Year always does feel like a clean slate, at least it starts out that way. 2011 was a huge change in our house. Ed (my husband) has gone on disability and is no longer going to work as a chemist. Needless to say disability pay does not a salary make. So we are struggling. Enough SAID!!! I am charged and ready to start some NEW and hopefully profitable adventures in 2012. I am really excited about the possibilites of it all.
The first thing is a new VINTAGE & HANDMADE space at Reclamation located in Southern Broadripple at 53th and Wintrop area. They are open 7 days a week so I don't have to be. I am letting go of my newest booth space at the Exit76 Mall in Edinburgh but, I still have 2 others that I will nuture and care for. The possibility of creating a wholesale line with my willing Mother and an additional online business with my good friend Kristina who lives in Minnesota. It is all possible. I am letting go of my part time job at The frame shop although I have enjoyed it, I feel like it is a distraction. If I were making a huge salary that would be a different story as well.
I have a feeling the whole house will become a workshop but, why NOT?
I am also very excited that my niece is going to have a baby this July. The other night Ed and I were out somewhere and I said look at that cute baby and Ed said "I can't wait to see Katie's baby" How sweet! I love my nieces and nephews and wish the best for them in 2012. It is so wonderful to see them grow up and blossom. Since I don't have kids I have to share them :)
I hope that I will blog more, eat less and make more art and more money :) !!!!
Have a Happy, Healthy and Joy filled 2012


Lori McDonough said...

sooooooo excited to hear about all the new fun things planned for you and your biz, friend. and super excited to hear about Katie's news! Here's to a happy, HEALTHY, creatively successful 2012! xo Love to you!!!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Good luck with your 2012! It's gonna be awesome!