Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feelings and Fears

(this is what I should write as a journal entry if I kept a journal)
This is my newest space at Recalmation in So-Bro (which is south of Broadripple (Indiana) I think it looks better in "real life". I am always willing to try new things to generate income. Never afraid of it. But, after I am all set up I question myself. like: this space is in the basement and the stairs are kinda of steep. will anyone go downstairs, are they going to shop lift, is it cute at all, what if I don't make my rent etc etc etc.... For me I love the hunt but I LOVE to SELL it even more. For me this is part of my "job" my "income" I am not playing shop. But, I can't take it too seriously because it is only STUFF. The pro's are the shop is open 7 days a week, they have been getting some press, and I have sold a few things. IT is WINTER people stay in and re-arrange furniture (at least that is what I have been doing)...it will be fine. It will all be fine.....

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