Friday, December 9, 2011

15 days until Christmas! GIVEAWAY

How's everyone coming along with Christmas this season? Shopping? Meeting friends? Concerts? Cookie Baking? Checking off your list and checking it twice?

I am having a giveaway....but I need your help. I am looking to increase traffic to my facebook page and people who follow my blog. When 200 people follow my FACEBOOK page and 100 follow my blog I will give away $50- worth of merchandise to one LUCKY new follower or liker from my etsy shop your choice of merchandise. So the sooner you follow and like the sooner SOMEONE will get some good GOODS. If I reach this goal before the end of this year a SECOND person will receive $25- worth of merchandise.

Please comment to this blog post to tell me that you have done so. Tell your friends and make sure they tell me who sent them and you may get LUCKY too!


Anonymous said...

*note*: you have to scroll almost to the bottom to see the link to 'follow this blog'--just so others know!

Carolyn Wright said...

I tell people about your stuff all of the time! I don't have a blog though but I'll post it on my FB page. :)

p.s. Hoping Ed is doing better.