Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a dog, a tree and a deer

Our Lucy posed under the tree this Holiday Season right after I put down the tree skirt...shortly after it was littered with little packages so she left it alone....until this week. We caught her getting a back rub from the tree (ornaments swinging) and then yesterday she felt the tree skirt would be a great place to eat a raw hide. Of course it was natural and green...that skirt will never be the same. But, she's our GIRL!
I found these spheres at the Exit 76 Antique Mall where I have my spaces (only $4- each) I decided to hang them on our enclosed front porch and then the deer wanted to be a part of things so he is sporting a santa hat. For special times we turned on a spot light. It was all kinda weird but, hey if the shoe fits... :) Ed is in charge of taking down the tree, I fear it may be up through Valentines Day.

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Jenny Holiday said...

Your pup is adorbs! annd I LOOOVE those spheres!! Fabbbbbb porch!! :)