Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special Order

My friend Becky gave me a picture of her Grandmother, a wooden window(frame) and a box of photos she bought at a yard sale and said do whatever you want. This is the best kind of special order because too many wishes for the work can spoil it for me. So I layered and stitched and painted and dotted and even included an original VIV collage that I won in 2009 through a blog giveaway. Last night I met with Becky and she loved it. So happy that she did. I like working small so BIG is always a big push for me. You can't see all the details in the pictures. My favorite spot is the rusty paper clip on the photo leaf.

1 comment:

nora said...

That is wonderful Jenny!
And VIV looks an awful lot like my (and Beth's!) Mom.