Monday, January 31, 2011


Sadly, this fall I lost a friend. Yvette was someone who I don't remember not knowing. She was older than me. We had gone to the same little church together all my young life and through the years she and her sister and her sisters girls became part of our extended family. Loosing a friend is different than loosing a relative. I am not sure that I can express it in words since I am an artist I think that is where I best express myself. But, the loss is real. It reminds me once again how life is so short and that in a turn it all can change. Along with her sister and nieces my mom and I have helped in cleaning out her house. This piece has been in her garage for years. I can't remember if it was her Grandma's or a piece she bought but it was obvious it hadn't seen the inside of a house in a long time. So, it is on loan to me for awhile.
I loaded it up in my SUV and drove her home.

My dear Mother came down and brought my step Dad (also known as the best help we can afford (free) and they are good help for sure) and we carried it into the kitchen. But, first we had to re-arrange the furniture moving tables to the basement and a cabinet to the front porch. The drawer was messed up and it was DIRTY and needed some kind of treatment. Mom to the rescue.

Tomorrow I will post the after pictures. For now I am happy to have it in my house for how ever long as it reminds me of Yvette and her Grandma.

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