Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have been in such a wierd place for so long and then the calendar changed and it seems like that's all it took. I have been making stuff from all the FABRIC I have like a crazy person. (i use to have a wholesale line...I make multiples :) Yesterday I made 3 door pillows, 2 rectangular pillows and finished this "ugly doll" plus everything else that I do in a day I told my Mom that I want to use up all the fabric that I had and she said there is no way. So now it is a CHALLENGE bring it on Sweet Sue!!!! So this is just the begininng. Stay tuned!



Lori McDonough said...

she has so much character. u r so talented. i'm so happy to see you getting your craft on again! let's lunch soon! xo

rebecca said...

i love her!