Friday, June 18, 2010

Front Porch

I posted this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Ed and I moved in the middle of Feb. this year to a great old home and this is our front porch. I am still moving things and re-hanging artwork and I will start doing a little painting soon. I do love it. The only drawback on having an enclosed porch in a neighborhood where people walk dogs and push baby strollers is that you miss neighboring so I walk the dog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zionsville, Indiana

Today's field trip was going to Traderspoint Creamery in Zionsville, Indiana. "G" took all of these photos which are great. The cows have either just been born, gave birth or are giving birth soon. Very sweet. Cows are beautiful creatures. It has been hot everywhere lately but today was so beautiful. Hot but the Midwest humidity and severe thunderstorm was absent today.
We had planned to have ice cream here but we were just too tight to shell out the $6.50 for a shake. So we went into town and had ice cream in the very quaint villiage of Zionsville.


Pregnant Mama.

We stopped by Nancy Noels gallery. Very fun day was had by all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Concrete stone project. This is really fun and not so hard.

Presents to send home.

Packing Thursday

My Mom and I volunteered to help Katie and Robbie pack their apartment at Purdue on Thursday. Poor Katie was sick with something which we later find out was salmonella...Argh...yuck...needless to say she was in the er with her Mom when we arrived and so we dug in like we do and got the job done. Anyway...the story...Katie loves her cats and had picked one up (after she came home from the er) and sat him on top of this high TV cabinet. We are busy working and all the sudden he is on the top of the curtain. (You had to be there) it was so funny (they are huge cats) Katie to the rescue. Baby or Butters (they look alike) came back to earth they were into everything that day so funny. KT is alot like me she buys them hats and take picture of them they are CUTE!

A young how time flies!

Ever had one of those weeks that only has a couple of things on the calendar and then all the sudden it becomes the busiest week ever. This was mine this week. Some of it I captured in pictures. What is missing is an appointment at Lens Crafters (my bi-focals are on there way) late Birthday lunch at TASTE so delicious on Monday and more.
Beautiful Soda Fountain on Washington in Columbus, Indiana. Read all about it below.

"G" and neighbor Sandy with lunch. Sandy's pretzel roll turkey sandwhich was good cause I had one too!

Original Fountain with stained glass and marble.

So after the mall I was thinking about what we should do with "G" so of course Zaharako's in Columbus, IN it has been there since October of 1900. Completely renovated a couple of years ago but very intact. Beautiful tin ceilings, music machines and everything you could want in a Soda Fountain. "G" and I both had yummy flavored cokes.

Sandy and her grand daughter "G" at Exit 76 Antique Mall in Edinburgh on Tuesday after we loaded our goodies in our booths. Sell, Sell, Sell. "G" is here for a month to stay with Nana and even I get to have fun with her. Such a good girl.

This is a scuplture by Greg Hull an Associate Professor at Herron School of Art and Design (where I went to school). Very cool hanging high in the Museum this Ball made from Patio umbrellas.

Sunday I went to the Indiana State Museum to check out an exhibit on Lincoln. An insurance company that use to be based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana has a vast collection of his pictures, campaign signs and other articles and this was on display.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another PROUD moment!!!! Heath Graduates!

This is our nephew Heath Schlatter and my Eddie Lee posing on South Putnam's High School Graduation Day. Heath was the Senior Class President and our family Eagle Scout. Pam & Larry (Heath's parents) roasted a hog and made amazing food the next day for his open house that they held at their home in Reelsville, Indiana in western Indiana. Heath is a great kid with lots of friends and exceptional smarts. He is off to Ball State in the Fall and is majoring in Multi Media Communications. I am excited to see what his future holds.
Airbrushed and covered with silly string.

Heath and Grandpa Ed.

Our niece Jennifer is the only one in this picture SMILING. She just finished her first year teaching first graders. Can you find her it is like an eye spy book. She is a great young lady. We are beaming proud of our nieces and nephews.

Heath and his Dad Larry.
(I hate I didnt get a picture of Pam (mom)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bridal Shower: Katie Elkins

Today I hosted a bridal shower for my niece Katie Elkins. I had been planning it in my head for months and finally today it all came together. Yesterday my Mom aka Sweet Sue came down and we made everything. Here is the menu: Chicken Salad with dried cherries and almonds. Lettuce noodle salad. Deviled eggs. Jello salad. Strawberries. Sugar Cookies and a Triple Chocolate Trifle Pie. Lemonaide and Iced Tea. My friend Beth Trojanowski use to own a resturant and she lent me a bunch of cake stands and a springform pan (thank you Beth!). We had 19 people in total and what a wonderful couple of hours. Katie is so loved. Our good friend Robbie even came from Ky to be a part the festivities. and YES we played games I am an old fashioned girl. Games have to be played. She got great gifts and will be a wonderful homemaker. It will be so nice to have her closer. Many thanks to all of her/our friends.

Aunt Jenny and Katie
Triple Chocolate Trifle Pie

Mints and Sugar Cookies

Deviled eggs

Maid of Honor Whitney and Katie

Katie and her Mom Cindy

Grandma Sue, Katie and Mamaw