Sunday, June 13, 2010

Packing Thursday

My Mom and I volunteered to help Katie and Robbie pack their apartment at Purdue on Thursday. Poor Katie was sick with something which we later find out was salmonella...Argh...yuck...needless to say she was in the er with her Mom when we arrived and so we dug in like we do and got the job done. Anyway...the story...Katie loves her cats and had picked one up (after she came home from the er) and sat him on top of this high TV cabinet. We are busy working and all the sudden he is on the top of the curtain. (You had to be there) it was so funny (they are huge cats) Katie to the rescue. Baby or Butters (they look alike) came back to earth they were into everything that day so funny. KT is alot like me she buys them hats and take picture of them they are CUTE!

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