Saturday, March 7, 2015

re-cap of the last 2 WORKSHOPS - Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny

Today's Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny.  We painted wooden rabbits to hang on doors instead of a wreath. 
Sanding, Base coat color, second color, sanding, dotting and hand lettering.   Drilling, wiring and adding a BOW.
Some of my oldest friends came today.  I really enjoyed the day.  Of course we always have to eat.  We had a delicious taco bar and cookies!!! 
Last Saturday's CLASS - DIY subway signs.
my sample

Wooden board with Chalkboard paint, adding lines with chalk, added words with chalk, painted words with chalk...many, many coats of paint.

 It was a big class!!!  Such an awesome group of women. 

 Everyone choose their own words and they all ended up looking great.  I will be having this class again in late April early May.

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