Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NEW workshop added to Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny - #6 March 14th COLLAGE 101

COLLAGE 101 #6 March 17th 10am
Collage 101...This is a beginning workshop.  I am will be sharing some of the ways that I make my collages.  I will have vintage and new papers, stamps, glues, tape, paint and more for you to use. YOU will need to bring photo copies if you want to use a photo of someone you know. (I like going to the UPS stores, they will help you) get a color copy or 2 and you can make them smaller or larger) (or you can use an original)  and if you want words in your collage you may want to type them out before you come and use them as I have in the I scream piece above or it can be written.  The collage will be on an 11" x 14" canvas panel.  Everyone will create their own Masterpiece!!!

To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.

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