Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's been awhile since I showed you a room in my CONDO introducing the KITCHEN

Time sure does fly by.  It will be a year in March that we moved to our 1970's condo on the north side.  I have shared my dining room, entry and hallway.  So it is about time I share the kitchen.  I inherited the green countertops so instead of hating them I matched the wall color to them so they no longer stand out.  The knobs and drawer pulls were bright brass and those were changed to oil rubbed bronze.  It is amazing how that transforms a room for such little money.
 I also did the vertical back splash over the stove.  (home Depot tiles) My owl canisters are vintage from the Goodwill years ago. 
 There are always things you wish you could change but that are not in the budget one is the floor and so I pretend I like it and it does it's job as a good floor. :)  I  love how the dining room is photo bombing the kitchen! 
 Behind the louvered doors is my washer and dryer.  I love the convenience.  The big red cabinet is from Crate and Barrel a treasured piece of furniture.  Actually we bought it with some of the monies my husband won on Jeopardy. 
Well, that's the tour! 
photos by Rick

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