Sunday, September 28, 2014

 I am starting to list some of the works that are still available from my past sale.  This is a 9 x 12 collage in my jenny elkins handmade shop for $40-
 I am starting to re-visit my whimsical side 16 x 20on canvas.  She also available in my handmade store for $52-.
 We just got a Fresh Thyme Market in our area and Ed and I went there Friday night (date night :)  It's apple time!  These honey crisps were HUGE and I devoured mine. Lucky to now live around such nice grocery stores. 
 The St. Lukes United Methodist Church that I attend is awesome.  Thursday after BOWLING, yes bowling.  I went to the church to help set up the amazing and enormous Rummage Sale.  The bonus is that I get to pre-shop.  I did find some great things for my booth at the antique mall as well as scoring this awesome hand carved bird for myself.  I guess I am collecting hand carved birds now.  This little guy was .50 cents.  I heard they raised over $10,000- for missions. 
On Friday I got a call from my Mom.  My step dad is suffering from frequent vertigo episodes lately.   This was a bad one that required a trip to the er.  So just as I was  getting ready to paint at the studio I got the call.  They watch my sweet little great nephew on Weds. and Fridays so I got to "play" with Lucas.  He is 2 and he is so FUN.  He leads my parents very good poodle around the yard.  Its adorable. 
I love that I have the life that allows for spontaneity.  I can't imagine it any other way. 

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