Sunday, October 14, 2012


We had an electrical scare last week.  We live in an old 1920's traditonal 4 square home in Irvington, Indiana.  Well, our light in the dining room went out in September and I let it go because I was getting ready for the event A Fair in September and then my step dad was out of town.  So, finally we get around to it....He replaces the dimmer switch and POP.   It blew.  So I call my brother who is an expert at this kind of thing.  He doesnt call back for 2 we wait.  He comes over days later and says he is baffled.  He will send a electrican over.  So the next day an electrican comes over and goes from the basement to the attic and is here for a couple of hours.  We have old knob and tube wiring which apparently can come undone inside your walls and ceilings.  NICE!  So he tells Ed (I was gone at the time) that he felt like using the electicity upstairs and the front porch light, front porch, entry way, dining room was unsafe and so an extension cord was brought in to run from the upstairs to the downstairs so we would have our main phone and computer running.  So you can imagine what it was like after dark.  I got by without a flashlite but, Ed could not.    Not only did the electrican say it would be unsafe but, EXPENSIVE.  Fast forward second electrican comes.  Says I didn't want to come I hate these old houses.  So hard to problem solve.  Within an hour he found the problem and charged me under $200- for the job.  (Family discount :)  He then told me had the first guy been right it would of been $30,000- to re-wire this old house which would include fixing the plaster walls and ceilings and we would have to move out. 
I felt like we had been given a big GIFT. 
Now we have to buy a new dining room light.
Not so easy...It took me over 2 and 1/2 years to find one for the kitchen and I am still not sure it is "the one".
Any thoughts????
 Big light shade 28" in diameter in an off white, 2 bulbs.....enough light?  I like to see what I am eating.....Crate and Barrel.  Good lighting is hard to find :)  and not cheap.

This is more country ish but, I still identify somewhat with that.  5 pendants all in one.  Comes from West Elm.  I have looked at Lowes not real impressed.  I found a cool one on Ballard but, the reviews although good made me think maybe not.  It is a process of elimination.  Any thoughts???

"You light up my LIFE"  I loved that song Debbie Boone sang all those years ago.  

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