Friday, July 27, 2012

Indiana State Fair

I have always LOVED the fair.   Our family would go and by family I mean my cousins from Florida and my Aunt and Uncle would come during the State Fair we all loved it and I am not even talking about the rides.  We watched the band contest, the tractor pulls, went to see all the animals in the barns...we did it all.  I was in 4-H as a youngster and even recieved a Reserve Grand Champion for showing my Cat.  I loved that Cat!  A couple of years ago I moved to Irvington, Indiana. Two of my new neighbors were friends and loved everything vintage.  Around fair time they were all abuzz, busy getting everything together and I thought to myself HEY!  why aren't you doing this.  So last year I entered 3 things and ended up with a 1st place and a honorable mention ribbon.  I was bit by the BUG!  Today I took in my open class items to be judged and be on display.  The fair starts next week.  Thankfully, they give us 6 tickets to get in to the fair.  They will not go unused.
 This is what I entered in the Antiques division: crocheted purse, moustache mug, 4-H dress review ribbon from 1938,  glass World's Fair Vinegar bottle, political button of Dan Quayle (hey! it's Indiana) and Bush (hey it's Indiana!), very old wind up tin toy Bear and a Speed Graphic camera.

I entered and made this crochet thread SNOWMAN wreath (an idea I saw on Pinterest) in the Holiday Wreath Category.    I found these wonderful handmade crocheted lace snowflakes at the Salvation Army thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  I also used vintage buttons and wooden spools of red thread.  His hat is also a spool of thread.  Fimo clay orange nose and button eyes.  Mica for the snow.  (Not the greatest photo.  The morning light isn't the best.)

In the Vintage Button Category I entered a pendant/necklace, Bracelet and a Pin.  These collage button jewelry pieces looks real easy to do but, I made 12 of them in one day (I was on a roll) and I had the worse hand pain.  I used wire and a flat brass round filigree piece to sew them onto with wire (wire-that is the reason my hands hurt) anyway I like how they turned out.  All vintage buttons....I have a little bit of an obsession with buttons! 

Lastly, I made a cloth doll.  I had a couple of other things that I had hoped to enter but, life happens and I didn't get to them.  Her name is Ginger and her minature Dairy Cow is named Coco.  I normally wing everything when it comes to sewing because I am not a pattern person.  So she is all my own doing.  The cow is made of muslin and then stuffed and painted.  Her hair is wool and has been dyed red or pinkish red.  I made the dress, vest and pants.  She is muslin as well and her face, hands and shoes are painted.  Coco won a Blue Ribbon after they popped into the Dairy Barn for some ice cream (their reality!)  It was franic getting all of this together but, I am so glad that I did it and it is at the fair waiting to be seen.  Our State Fair is a great state fair don't miss it don't even be late!  

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Lori McDonough said...

oh my goodness, i love it all! I can't wait to go into the Home & Family Arts building and see it all. Then head to the gift shop and buy a cow ring, too. I'm going to do the "jenny elkins" tour of the State Fair!!!!! Best of luck to you, my friend. You are so talented and fun and i'm so happy to call you my friend! xo