Saturday, July 28, 2012

Akron, Ohio (stop over)

Ed and I went to a family Reunion to Newcastle, PA a couple of weeks ago.  On our way back through we decided to stop and see his friend Kelly who had moved to Akron to work at Gojo soaps.  She recommended that we stay here....(I found this on the web) The Quaker Square Inn in Akron is an exciting blend of history, architecture and hospitality. The hotel was constructed from 19th century mills and silos which were the beginnings of the famed Quaker Oats Company. The silos are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. These silos stand an impressive 120 feet tall and once housed 1,500,000 tons of grain. It is the silos that lend the Quaker Square Inn's guest rooms their unique circular form.
 Shirley Temple...I am not sure the college students know who she is.  I didn't mention that Quaker Square Inn is now owned by Akron University.  Mostly used as a dorm for the students so in the summer they close all the eateries and don't stock the vending machines.   So if you ever happen to go when school is not in session keep this in mind.  
All the walls in the interior area where the elevators are these amazing murals carved from the concrete.  All created by Don Drumm, a local Akron artist.  I recognized his work right away.  When I had my shop I carried a line of aluminum light switch covers and ornaments that he and his daughter made.  They have a big gallery in the downtown Akron area.  These murals were amazing, so steampunk.  I think he did them in the 1980's so they feel a little retro, but they are really the best.

 The entrance to he elevators to take us to our round room.   Ed on the left.
 Since there was no where close to eat we chose this resturant that has been around since 1949.  The food was great and the inside was like stepping back in time, in a good way. 

note:  we would of liked to have stayed and explored Akron.  I always feel no matter how large the city you kind find something unique wherever you are.  They have a train that will take you through a state park and a small but, what looked like a delightful art museum.  My Ed is not the healthiest so we had to part ways with Akron and come home early where he then spent 4 days in what I call the most expensive hotel we can find.  The hospital.  He is doing good now. 

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