Sunday, February 5, 2012

My friend Kristina Estell and I just started a new etsy shop. She lives in Minnesota and I live in Indianapolis...she was home visiting over the holidays and we brainstormed at a Barnes and Noble one afternoon...both of us wanting to collaborate. We work well together even if we are apart. So in just over a month we have launched our little button company.
Here is how our friendship began:
Jenny and Kristina met in the dusty workshop of furniture design 201 at Herron School of Art. Sharing a workbench 3 hours at a time, day after day, week after week, they soon became great class companions and realized they shared many common interests. Jenny started a successful craft business and Kristina joined the enterprise by working for her as a maker, baker and lunching partner. A great working relationship and friendship was formed. After graduation, Kristina moved away and said “good bye ” to Indiana. Through years of change, new work, travels, and adventures, Jenny and Kristina have always remained good friends. Pin Points is their long distance collaboration...a place to bring two artistic visions together once again in a unique, fun and simple set of pins. Each set reflects the distinct visual interest of each of the artists as well as “pin points” their special artistic connection.
Kristina - Jenny
Jenny - Kristina
Kristina - Jenny
We do special orders....! Check us out at

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Robbie Moriarty said...

Verrrrrry Cool. the story of friendship as well as the name and pins!!!