Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Debbie, Carrie and Oprah

Sometime ago Debbie and Carrie, Wy and Naomi, Joan and Melissa came to our city and each Mother and Daughter spoke together in a series. My Mom bought tickets for us to go. I LOVED it. My Mom and I have a strong bond. We are upfront and honest with each other and been through many heartaches together. Through it all we are each others best cheerleaders. It is a different relationship than many Mother & Daughter's I know have. My niece seems to have this going on with her Mother, my Mother, her Mamaw and well me. (My mom and I had lunch with niece Katie yesterday - honest candid conversations :)
So, yesterday when I saw that Debbie and Carrie were going to be on I had to watch. I love Carries honesty and Debbies undeniable love for her. At 78 years old Debbie still worries about her kids. It never ends. If you didnt see it try to catch it online.

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