Thursday, May 6, 2010

Robbie Moriarty

I met Robbie over 10 years ago at my very first Art Fair in Louisville. Neither of us do that show anymore but, we have forged a great friendship. She generously asked me to come to her shop and do a trunk show so I packed up the SUV and went to KY. I wasn't my personal best as I had been sick with a yucky flu bug but I went anyway. Her shop is so cute and is filled to the brim with so many wonderful things if you are ever in the area please stop and shop. She makes a line of whimsical art jewelry check out her blog and follow her link to see her creations. Since this time of the year is Derby time....Robbie had some great vintage hats for sale....I just loved this PINK roses one.

Robbie carrys a lot of other artists work...I love these little recycled object birds.

My temporary show.

Robbie and the back of her shop. Thanks for hosting me! Oh and she makes a world famous wine spritzer! Love ya Robbie.

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