Saturday, April 10, 2010

April in Edinburgh

This is my Booth, B211 at Exit 76 Antique Mall. Located off of I-65 in Edinburgh, Indiana. I took so much stuff that I had to rent the mini booth next to me. Really exicited to do this again. I had many different booths for many years at Midland Arts & Antiques in downtown Indy. This mall is on the way to Indiana University. After packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking all of our earthly goods you start to question nearly everything you have in your house. So this will be a good outlet for me to keep things to a minimum here at home.
I have had that red wagon for at least 25 years. Goodbye wagon I know you will find a great home.
There is a FB Fogg Paper Mache Cat clock, lots of vintage purses and I have even gotten my step dad involved making wine stoppers out of billard balls. If you are in the area of the mall and stop in please let me know on this blog that you were there.

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indybev said...

Looks like a great booth, Jenny....and lots of hard work setting it up! Good luck!