Monday, September 21, 2009

New Merchandise

I have been so covered up working to get stuff made for the show or just not in a place where blogging came easy. But, I have just finished 2 art fairs in a row. The next one is this coming Saturday in Rocky Ripple by Butler University from 11am to 6pm. So if you are in the area come and see me. These are some new products. They aren't on etsy. I have so much merchandise right now thinking about listing on etsy is overwhelming. So I am listing a little at a time. After this weekends show is over this will all go to BE Salon on Ft. Wayne Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. Feel free to email me for more information. Wall of plates. $25- each or 2 for $40-. Most of them have a little phrase like"Hot toast makes the butterfly" or my favorite "Beans, beans, the musical fruit". Each one is covered with Resin. Adjustable RINGS $12- each with my images on them. Eash one is covered with Resin for long life.
My friend and owner of BE Salon gave me some wallpaper swatches that a client gave him. Well my mom and I were scratching our heads....what can we make out of this??? Doubled stick tape doesnt stick to it and glue is a mess so I scrapped using them for collage...and then it hit me. Some sort of purse. So a wallet it is. Sewn with the sewing machine. Velcro closure button for good looks. $4- each. SAVE THE PLANET!

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