Monday, June 22, 2009

"Summer + Events = too busy for blogging"

"My dentist recommends to brush only the ones you want to keep!"

Mixed Media Collage * SOLD

I can't believe how I have neglected my blog. I have really been so busy that this is the first chance I have had to even download pictures and crop etc. (PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE FOLLOW WORKS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.) The photos are in order newest to oldest. So....what has happen since I posted last. My friend and hair stylist Brian and his friend Michael have opened their own Salon. Be Salon on Ft. Wayne Ave. downtown Indy. He has generously offered for me to sell my work there. All or any of it. I made 10 pieces of art salon style for his opening. They are selling my work better than I can. Yea$h....! Then the next day I did the Monon and 54th Street Art Fair and it is very well run and just a great little show. I didn't get rich that day but got a good start to my tan. The next weekend I did a long show at the Harrison Center "Indieana Handicraft Exchange" from 11am to 10pm on Saturday. Tons of people. Let's see the upside a lot of my friends stopped by. I don't think I have ever seen so many tattoos in my life. Looooooong day. Then the next day I did my first Irvington Farmers Market. Nice. Live music and only 3 hours long. That was on Sunday on Monday my Mom and I started organizing our 3 day annual Garage Sale. Sadly it was the most financially successful event this year. From being at Be Salon I got a commission for a dental office.

"If you got em' floss em" -Bill & Jim Molar inventors of dental floss.

Mixed Media Collage (SOLD)

My booth at Irvington Farmers Market. I will be there once a month on the second Sunday through October.

The Farmers Market is located in Ellenberger Park. Live music in the background. Nice young girl sang with a great voice.

Sign for the show.

My booth at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange. Hard to make a 6 foot table work. I did my best!

My Mom Sue and Nor Spitznogle at the Monon Art Fair.

"The Family hoped Virgil would be a doctor, lawyer or Banker but, settled for Hair Stylist"

Mixed Media Collage $95- framed in black contemporary frame with glass.

"Marie dreaded 10 for 1 day at the salon. Especially, when the Tortillina conjoined decituplets arrive."

Mixed Media Collage * $95-

"Cora O'Brien (looks like Conan)was the first Beauty School drop out no graduation day for her."

Mixed Media Collage * available ($)

"Bed head"

Mixed Media Collage


"What happens in the salon stays in the salon"

Mixed Media Collage * SOLD


Hens Teeth said...

Oh how I wish I could come and visit you at one of these events.

Heather said...

These collages are awesome! Loved the conjoined ladies ;)

My next show is in October and I hope people are in a more shopping mood. After my May show I learned that spring/summer shows arent as good as the end of year have been one busy lady!

RowanDeVoe said...

wow! you have been so busy! love all your photos-your booths and art all look great. and, i know nora! i need to get out and i will meet you soon! wishing you all the best on your upcoming shows!
take care,

Joan Hostetler said...

Love the salon and dental collages...they're great, Jenny.

Christy Laudig said...

Jenny...your work for the new shop is so whimsical. I like "What happens in the salon, Stays in the Salon"...but they're all so fun.

Christy Laudig