Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day one in OHIO

If you know anything about me you know that I am married to a big NERD and I say that with love. There is a gaming convention....let me explain. A bunch of mostly men are hunched around tables playing board games NOT Monopoly or Scrabble....stuff I live with but have never played. My mind doesn't work like that. I have tried to play games with him but, he ends up playing it for the both of us. It has been a hard year and we could use the time away. So with a special number from his sister who works at Holiday Inn (huge discount) we decided to go for it. SO, I am alone and trying to be a tourist in this great place called COLUMBUS. The huge scuplture above is in front a Mexican Resturant.
Hostess Stand in Mexican Resturant.

My friend Jeff Reutz turned me on to this very cool and yummy deli. We went we arrived yesterday and I weent back for a snack tonight. Located in the Historic German
Biggest light bulb and Moth I have ever seen. Easton Mall or as I am calling it Walt Disney in the Midwest. Bigger and better than anything in the Indianapolis area.

Italian Village. Wish Indy still had some historic ethnic areas. It seems I am anti-Indy....nope. Just jealous. This is right before Short North Arts District like a step away from the Convention Center. This area has everything an artist wants even a shabby sort of Kipp Brothers...Anybody remember when Kipp was downtown and you would climb the old wooden stairs and the floor cricked and moaned. So much to see. I am going to go from shop to shop tomorrow, if the heat doesnt get ot me first. More tomorrow.

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Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

glad you seem to be having a good time :)