Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's all fun and games until you MOVE!

I am exhausted. The movers come tomorrow and I thought it would be more cost effective to move all the boxes and small stuff. Well I have been moving stuff everyday for 12 days now. In 13 inches of snow and very cold temps and now in warm muggy weather with soggy mud. I would love to be Samantha in Bewitch and just wiggle my nose and all the curtains and rods are up, the pictures are on the wall the furniture arranged perfectly. Hell, I would even like my spice drawer alphabetized. Why not? Even though I purged a lot I still have too much. I just don't know what to part with. It is hard being an artist. We need stuff. It is how I am inspired. My nest has to be pleasing. Anyway, this too shall pass. It is all temporary. I miss blogging and creating.


Heather said...

Here's hoping that moving happens fast and painlessly! Artists are such hoarders....it will be hard, but hopefully worth it.
As a fellow fan of the Home Companion, I came upon this letter from Mary Engelbreit and thought you might be interested in...I hope it gets published again when the economy gets on better footing:


Tileena said...

Oh no...moving is awful. On the plus side of things, it does get some deep cleaning done. Good luck, and try not to slip:)

Hens Teeth said...

You must be worn out ~ I hope you can get things settled soon and back to making your wonderful work.