Thursday, October 16, 2008

This post really has nothing to do with the picture. I am very fond of these though. The photo was taken for an eBay sale last year. Been really busy trying to list more and more on etsy and ebay. No one is really buying anything much on those sites. I know it will turn around but I am bummed about it as everyone is. I got my Midland check for 2 weeks (antique mall booth) and it was $8.88. Arrrrrgh. I go through periods where I have a hard time creating. Need to think about the holidays. Oh is a depressing post :(


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

the etsy thing is hard. it comes in waves for me. you just get piled up and lost so quickly, since everyone lists so often. i told everyone i know that i was running a promotion, and got a *ton* (for me) of sales all at once, and then it just died. it's frustrating.

and i hear you on having a hard time creating sometimes.

being an artist is DUMB! ;) just kidding. it is only dumb sometimes!

jenny said...

You are so funny Candice.

I still haven't made much since my last post. I am really struggling to do so. Now I just have a bunch of distractions.

I sold some more junkie supplies last weekend on etsy at least it is something. I am going to list more today.

See you in Irvington!