Saturday, October 25, 2008

Irvington Halloween Festival

What a cool dog! He wore that wig and glasses through the entire festival. I love that.

It rained and rained the day before but thankfully it stopped late Friday and was dry for set up through the whole show. Funny as I was going through security at 7am this morning an officer told me to stay away from the "accident" I said oh what happened? Police chase - robbers -McDonalds - one perp caught - others ran free - say no more. Really enjoyed the show even though I was soooooo COLD. Since I came in second place on the poster contest I got a free booth and people were very complementary which was nice to hear bonus was they bought some things too. Which is even better. Good to see old customers and my new friend Candice and Mike! Shout out to ya!

Christian made a great Indian here in Indiana.

Little "Olivia" at the Halloween Festival Today. Hello Granny!

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