Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Saturday was Fountain Square Art Fair

So...it was a sloooooooow but it is a very young show and my expectations were not real high. It was good to be there. Funny thing is I didnt sell any artwork. No collages zip nadda. But just little things. The area is in flux and there is a lot of struggle but I do love the area so it was worth it. Well organized. I will do it next year. In the second picture is a group of young women who dress in alternative victorian garb. So fun to see what they were doing. I was kind of jealous that they found each other. I think we artists kind of feel like a lone duck.

Congrats to Mr. Mike Altman for being a winner at Masterpiece in a Day. He rocks!


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

we will start a lonely artist group. we'll all get together, but no one will talk. either that, or we'll all talk at once, since we're so starved for human attention!

it made me laugh that your friend wore her necklace "proudly." mike described it in the exact same way!

hens teeth said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful!
So glad I can regularly read about you and your stunning work now!