Thursday, February 21, 2013


NOTE - I sit here at my desk wearing a black and white striped shirt as I'm writing this.  (Dots and stripes are a new obsession for me)
1-My friend Robbie is currently obsessed with Pinterest.  I am benefiting from her obsession because I saw this PIN and wanted a pair of polka dot sneakers in a bad way.
2-They are no where to be found.  I looked at the attached site, Zappos, eBay and Amazon.  No Kate Spade dots and nothing in my size. 
(I have campfire stomping size feet). 
3-I was sad a couple of days ago.
 4-Today, BINGO $2.69 at Value World size 11M I used a 1/2 price coupon so double score. 
5-It's a M I R A C L E.
6-They aren't Kate Spade, they are used....but, I will pop them in the washer and buy some new pink laces and I will be happy!

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