Thursday, March 15, 2012

and meanwhile back at the FARM.....

I have had these little HO scale minatures for years. I was inspired by a jewelry artist that panstakingly and tiredlessly worked with these tiny little plastic people. He embedded them into epoxy and made his own bezel etc....I want to sell these and sell many. I recently found this affordable way to make and re-sell these great, fun, wacky RINGS for $10- to $14- a piece. I have a bunch of dairy cows. So if you see something here I would be happy to make a special listing for you on my etsy shop.

This years theme for the upcoming Indiana State Fair this August is the year of the Dairy COW. I love the fair!!!!
So FUN!!!

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Jenny Holiday said...

so so cute!! Adore these!! An entire booth of these at an old timey county fair would RULE!!!