Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Listing ETSY items

For sale on my etsy store.....Fashion section.
Vintage Misc. section. Makes me want to go on a picnic.

Vintage Misc. section.

Vintage Doll Section.

Jenny Elkins handmade section.
I have been a listing fool today. I have way to many little piles around the house. A pile of things to list, one to photograph, one to ship and one that I am not sure I want to part with yet. I also have a lot of handmade items that I am discounting and will be slowly listing. My wishes for etsy is that they add a shipping calculator and something that would help you to do a duplicate listing without having to most of it from scratch. If you are reading this blog and have never look at my etsy store please do so. www.jennyelkins.etsy.com Enjoy!

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Heather said...

woah! you have been busy! Lots of fun items here~