Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's HOME!!!!!!

These 2 are so stinkin CUTE!!!!!  Big brother LUCAS and his little sissy RILEY (that's what he calls her Sissy) In the Lobby ready to leave RILEY hospital for the first time in 3 months!

I don't know all the details yet (I am going down today) but, The Riley Foundation interviewed both Katie and Robbie before Riley left the hospital. Katie was the second Mom to deliver a baby at the new Simon Tower (addition) and the Riley Foundation is raising money to have a delivery/maternity ward (I guess they still call it ward) at Riley Hospital.  It's so cute seeing these little guys being video taped and photographed.  They are STARS in my eyes!  
She's tired. xo
She is home for a couple of months before she will have another surgery.  She is still needs lots of thoughts and prayers.  Can't be around anyone who is sick, etc.  Looking forward to my visit today!