Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally 100% !

I got my computer back but then nothing had been downloaded. Like my picture programs and of course nothing seems to go smoothly or is simple. So finally yesterday I am BACK! So happy to be here. So, much has taken place since my absense. I am not sure I can go back only forward. I will say I shared and enjoyed a simple meal with friends yesterday. Visual FRINGE is over as of yesterday. (it was a part of the FRINGE festival here in Indy. I was in charge of hanging about 100 pieces of art in 6 different venues) I learned that I need to start saying NO to almost everything like that because it keeps me from working. So, onto the next set of shows that are coming up this FALL. I am working everyday. I just wish I could clone my productive self for the days that I am not. I think my clone is my Mother she keeps me motivated for sure. She is great help. Okay, so this piece is for SALE $125- I think it is 16" x 20" and framed in a wide black frame. It was the piece I made for Visual FRINGE. She is juggling everything even chickens but don't we all seem to juggling?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello! It's me......

I have been missing for so long. My computer has been sick and my husband has put off fixing it. I have been using his computer and he doesn't like my downloading photos so....finally my hard drive is being replaced and I should be up and running tonight. I have missed being plugged in. Can't wait to blog again....tomorrow.