Thursday, July 22, 2010

side note

I have added 2 blogs that if you have time please check them out. One is by Sarah Adams. She is a framer and past gallery owner and she recently had some pretty major changes in her life but has dealt with them with such grace and has written about them in her new blog. She hosted my last solo show in Feb/March before she closed her gallery.

The other is my friend Kristina's blog. She is living in Germany for a year. She is there to make art and she is sharing her journey with us on her blog. She is very talented and I miss talking to her like we use to when she was in the states. But, since she is over there on my birthday I recieved a beautiful (black, white and green) scarf from Paris and cancelled stamps and chocolate from Germany. This girl KNOWS me :) !!!!
Enjoy the blogs.

guilty of neglect

Yes that is right...I am neglecting my blog. What a crazy summer it has been. I have taken photos and downloaded them but still nothing on the blog. I guess I am spending so much time growing out my hair that there is just no time to blog. hehehe Seriously, I have packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked in a years time all of our worldly possessions. Since we have moved here we have hosted a bridal shower, 54 Libertarians for a cookout of the 4th of July and other gatherings. Ed has been in the hospital 3 times since we have moved in Feb. 15th. Ive had 3 art openings and opened up an antique space 45 minutes away. I have been busy. But, I feel kinda lost I think. Unable to work (again) I think this may be the longest I have gone without being actively creative which seems okay in some ways. This week I made 2 large floral arrangements for the church for my niece Katies upcoming wedding and I am working on some moss hearts for the pews. That is creative. Yes. But, it isn't my work. I have a bunch to put on etsy but there it sits. So step one is admitting. So here it is. I admit I have been neglecting my blog and etsy and my artwork and that pile of stuff that needs dealt with and, and, and...
Fellow artists, friends, etc....what do you do when you get in a rut, slump, funk, etc....? Please share.